Natukodi Pickle


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Looking for a pickle that is both addictive and tongue-blistering?

Look no further than our Natukodi pickle!

This Andhra-style pickle is mixed with Bhimavaram’s signature spices and deep-fried Natukodi pieces,

making it the perfect combo to enjoy a huge spoonful of hot steamed rice. Not too spicy,

This Natukodi pickle is perfect for those who want a little kick in their food but don’t want it too overwhelming.


So don’t wait any longer, order your very own Natukodi pickle today!


1. Bhimavaram pickles, Natukodi pickle is a healthy dish, no food colors are added.


2. It is a lip-smacking and mouth-watering dish that relates to our tagline Sampradaya Ruchulu.


3. Store the Natukodi pickle in the cool place (or) re-refrigerator.

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250 gms – Rs.574.00, 500 gms – Rs.1070.00, 1000 gms – Rs.1970.00